Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Artistic Work

Master Shower with steam equipment and sound speaker

Visual description straight from the work. This Master shower is equipped with steam for the sauna effect and also sound speaker for music. Walls and ceiling are done with nice marble tiles ( 24x12 ), and also marble bench, soap box, and shower jambs. The accent in design is on the floor: little marble tiles ( 4x4 ) with white glass detail and marble perimeter ( 4x24 )

Master bathroom visual work description

Master bathroom, combination of white glass tiles ( 24x12 ) and glass bubbles. We can see several steps in the development of this work.

Master Bathroom Floor, step by step visual description

In this Master bathroom the accent is on the floor. Combination of porcelain tiles ( 18x18 ) and little,tiny glass tiles ( 1x1 ). This work requires patience and time.

Shower floor is the same combination of material with additional work where we got 16 little tiles ( 4,5x4,5 ) of one ( 18x18 ) porcelain  tile.

In the end we can see that the whole floor is in the same pattern